Orbit Signs ANZ CoD World League Team

Sat 19th Dec 2015 - 6:03pm

With qualification for the first stage of the Call of Duty World League completed, Team Orbit is excited to announce the signing of an Australian/New Zealand roster that will be competing in it! 

Teams from North America, Europe, and Australia/New Zealand (ANZ) will be competing in the first season of Activision's new league beginning in January. A total of $1.2 million in winnings will be distributed across two seasons worldwide, and the 8 teams in the ANZ league will be competing for their share of $150K per season. 

The new Team Orbit roster is excited to begin competing in the league. Meet the team:

 Steven "Azzi" Azzi (AUS)
Daniel "Nvs" Svircic (AUS)
 Kainen "Swiftazor" Kini (NZ)
Giancarlo "Nimble" Vagnini (AUS)

Azzi and Swiftazor competed in the Call of Duty World Leauge Invitational Qualifier in Sydney, Australia under Team Avidity. Nvs and Nimble did not compete at the event. After running into MindFreak twice, the team did not qualify.

For the online qualifier, this roster teamed under Avidity and made their way through the bracket with ease, not dropping a single map on their way to qualification. Needless to say, qualifying was a breeze for them. They are ready to begin playing in the World League, the first time ANZ Call of Duty has been a major part of the international scene aside from the Call of Duty Championship.

"It is an honor, of course, for a region like ours to be able to play for such high prize pools in front of the world on the weekly. But it was needed to connect our region with the others. I feel like in the past our region has been 'left out' from the North American and EU scenes. Like we've always been here but we were never really there," says Azzi. 

Nvs corroborates, "This is huge, especially for our region. Nothing like this has ever really been around, so it's a huge step for us as a community to be able to have this opportunity."

The signing of this team brings Team Orbit to the ANZ region for the first time! Past and current teams are found in North America and Europe on multiple eSport titles. 

The players are happy to be a part of Orbit. "Joining Orbit is probably the biggest step in my gaming career. I think it's quite prestigious to be playing under the name and the team is very eager to make our mutual relationship a very beneficial one for both parties," says Swiftazor.

When asked about this ANZ roster, Rob Stamey, Head Of Business Development for OrbitGG, said,"With 2016 coming up quickly and the way that the Esports industry is growing, signing this roster was actually an easy decision. Our focus has always been to acquire professional players from around the world no matter what region they reside. The ANZ scene has somewhat been put on the "back burner" until the CWL announcement without any support besides ACL & Doesplay. We are excited to start this journey together with the boys and will be ready to put all the tools around them to succeed at the highest level."

Keep a look out for the team as competition begins in early January! #OrbitZone








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