Rainbow Six: Siege PC Team Signed

Sat 5th Mar 2016 - 3:56pm

Team Orbit is constantly searching for the best talent in eSports. Recently, an Xbox One Rainbow Six: Siege signed with Orbit, and now a PC team has joined the organization! 

Previously known as Lost in Translation (LiT), this roster won 3 of the first 4 Go4R6 Cups hosted by ESL, making them the TOP North American PC team in the game.

Ozgur "Kanine" Alturk

Justin "Justin" Staniszewski

Steven "SnakE" White

Ron "fpsZED" Zimmer

Dave "Kuush" Brunelle



The $100,000 USD ESL Rainbox Six Pro League is right around the corner and the team will be 1 of the 8 teams playing. The players are excited for league competition to begin and Orbit is proud to back this talented squad, now being represented in both the Xbox One and PC versions of the R6 Pro League. 

On the topic of R6 eSports, SnakE stated, "I think Rainbow Six is just getting started, and if NA keeps pushing the meta, this game will be unrecognizable by this time next year."

SnakE and the others have previous experience playing competitive shooters, with time spent on games like Halo and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, but Rainbow Six is much different and some teams have yet to figure it out. Team Orbit is shaping the game!


We sat down with player Ozgur "Kanine" Alturk , as well as Co-Owner Robbie "Skoal" Meade and asked them a few questions regarding the signing of the roster:

OrbitGG:  " What are your expecations now that you have joined an organization as large as Orbit? "


Kanine:  "I can speak for the entire team when I say that we are here to represent the organization in the best way possible and to win as many tournaments and games in a fun and orderly fashion."


OrbitGG: "Skoal , You currently have a Xbox Rainbowsix Team ,  What made you make the jump to PC?"


Skoal:  " Well anytime you have the chance to pick up arguably the best team in the world in a game your going to jump at the opportunity because its not everyday you have a shot to sign a team of that caliber. Also we want to start getting into more PC games and I feel this was a big step in that direction."


OrbitGG: "What expecations do you have for RainbowSix , as the game is in early competitive stages with the RainbowSix Pro League kicking off this coming week?"


Skoal: "I have really high expectations for the game the teams signing up for the ESL tournaments and also the Gamebattles ladder just keep growing and with a big company like ESL putting 100k on the line for the games first season in competitive you can tell they believe the game is going to take off too. With the Pro League starting on Monday im excited to see how the competition will be and what teams come out hot staright out of the gate."




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Rob Stamey

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