Welcome our new sponsor: KOR-FX!

Sun 27th Mar 2016 - 2:26am

We are excited to announce our most recent sponsor: KOR-FX! 

Immerz Inc.  is a an American-based company specializing in creative and cutting-edge technologies. Their highly-praised products fully immerse users in the games they are playing, movies they are watching, or music they are listening to. 

The "KOR-FX" gaming vest has won many awards. The gaming accessory puts players right into the games they love through use of a high-definition feedback system. Users can literally feel explosions, gun fire, and other in-game effects as they play. 

Team Orbit is proud to bring KOR-FX on as one of our team sponsors. This will help us continue on our path to become a force in the eSports world.  

CEO/Founder Patrik "Gordo" Andersson said the following about the sponsorship:   "  We are thrilled to finally announce our partnership with Immerz Inc.  The KOR FX vest and its cutting edge technology is something our FPS players can benefit from when practicing for the biggest tournaments and leagues around the world. Our relationship between both companies is very strong which makes for the perfect partnership moving foward , look out for exciting things to come!"



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Rob Stamey

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