"Nordic Shuffle" - Roster Changes in CS:GO

Thu 12th Nov 2015 - 5:23pm Gaming

After seeing EnvyUs, a strong and favoured contendor to the title, win the recent CS:GO major at Dreamhack Open: Cluj-Napoca there was arguably an unrest in the pro scene. This was not due to EnvyUs winning the major but more due to the ones who didn't win or even come close. With unlikely teams such as G2, NiP, and Luminosity within touching distance of the final both the analysts and the community were taken aback. This unpredictability allowed for a fantastic and exciting event but it did however lead to teams questioning their current state and wanting to make changes, this was the birth of the Nordic Shuffle.  

Roster Changes
aizy replaces dennis for G2
dennis replaces pronax for fnatic
RUBINO replaces aizy for Dignitas
k0nfig replaces Pimp for Dignitas

These are major changes that must be discussed in further detail. Let’s start with aizy. He had a phenomenal performance at the major, but was unfortunate enough to lose out in the group stages versus CLG in a 14-16 BO1. Although he only played two matches, he managed to attain one of the highest ratings of the tournament and a surplus of 21 kills. It only seemed a natural response for aizy to seek out a team where he wouldn't have to perform out of his mind to achieve any sort of victory, much like KennyS in the Titan line-up earlier this year. This coincides well with the performance of Gamers2.Kinguin, who excelled beyond imagination to the point where they were one round away from the finals. One would imagine that G2 would not want to disrupt their line-up on the basis of their recent performance, but as pronax stepped down from the fnatic line-up as player and in game leader, dennis felt it fit to join a team he had sought after for some time. Looking to fnatics recent poor performances, the exiting of pronax, who has arguably been a catalyst for many of their losses, can only be considered a positive change. Dennis has proven, through his results at G2, that he is a worthy member of the legendary fnatic line-up. He looks to have been a key factor in the recovery of G2 as they transitioned from a mindless frag-based team to a mindful and intelligent frag-based team. This takes us back to aizy. Aizy is most definitely a worthy replacement for dennis and I am confident he will perform just as well if not better, trying his best to solidify the newfound strength of G2. If the outstanding run at the major was a true reflection of a consistent G2 roster, aizy will surely allow them to reach new heights and take the international team to the final of a major.

Team Dignitas have introduced RUBINO and k0nfig to their lineup. These changes are difficult to interpret, but it seems as if Dignitas have lost out in the shuffle. With the loss of their two strongest players, aizy and Pimp, it will be difficult to come by any worthy replacements. I do, however, feel that RUBINO is the closest in skill to that of aizy. RUBINO was a hot-topic choice for multiple organizations and especially G2 during the signings of both rain and jkaem, but he was unfortunately not picked up. This is a fantastic oppurtunity for the 21 year old Norwegian and I am sure he will bring his best performance to prove that he is up there with the other Norwegian stars.

The Nordic Shuffle seems to have been an overall improvement to the various rosters and the players look to fit in well in the scheme of their new organizations and line-ups. It must be stressed that Team Dignitas could have lost out in the heat of things but I am definitely eager to find out what RUBINO and k0nfig can do to change the ways of Team Dignitas.






Ludwig Reksten

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