Orbit Smite Places 5th at Smite World Championship!

Tue 19th Jan 2016 - 2:12am Gaming

Smite is a MOBA (massive online battle arena) that continues to grow in popularity. It must compete in the genre with the likes of League of Legends and DOTA, but the game has had massive prize pools as well. This past summer, Smite was released on the Xbox One.

At the Smite World Championship 2016, tournaments were played on both PC and the Xbox One. The event was hosted by the game developer, Hi-Rez Studios, in coordination with a variety of partners. 

Team Orbit acquired an Xbox One Smite team several weeks prior to the event, which was played out January 7th-10th in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Captain/Jungle - Peny

Support - Wubbn

ADC - Transonics

Solo - Sealcar

Mid - Clow

The tournament was structured in such a way that 3 teams automatically qualified for the Main Event via the UMG Invitational, ESL Grand Finals, and the MLG Pro League. One team would qualify for the Main Event by making their way out of the open bracket.

Team Orbit began the tournament in the open bracket along with 12 other teams. They defeated iST and then Aware Gaming before upsetting number 1 seeded XGN. This brought Orbit to the finals of the open bracket, where they faced off Team EnVyUs, but their run ended there. The nV squad proved to be too much for Orbit or any of the other teams at the tournament, as they went on to win the whole thing without dropping a single map. However, by making it this far, Orbit placed 5th and earned $10,000.

Team captain, Peny, was happy with their performance, "We've scrimmed the two other NA teams extensively and were confident in our ability to perform against them, but nV was on another level and rolled through everybody. We did, however, beat Aware and XGN during the open bracket, both of which were in the pro league and are high performing teams."

Peny has been playing Smite since the closed beta and has had SPL experience, subbing in for EnemyGG on PC and later playing for Epsilon in the Xbox One Pro League. He then formed the current roster for the World Championship. 

The management and fans of Orbit are proud of the this team's accomplishment and can't wait to see what they can do next! 




Rob Stamey

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