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Sun 24th Jan 2016 - 2:42am Gaming

Team Orbit is prepared to have an exceptional 2016. With various teams signed recently, Orbit is proud to announce a Rainbow 6: Siege roster!

Rainbow 6: Siege was released in late November. Competitive players compete in tournaments hosted by Gamebattles, UMG, and ESL on Xbox One.

The team:

Jeremy Green - Orbit SiLeNT (Captain)  @Orbit_SiLeNT
Bryant Godkin - Orbit GoDKiN   @Orbit_GoDKiN
Brain Zepeda - Orbit iiNk  @Orbit_iiNk
Alex Hladik - Orbit xCreature  @Orbit_Creature 
Sean Mutton - Orbit AnthraX  @Orbit_AnthraX

For those new to the game, Rainbow Six: Siege plays out a lot like Counter Strike: Global Offensive. In fact, the players describe it as being a mix of CS:GO and Search and Destroy from Call of Duty. 

Rainbow Six: Siege (R6) is expecting a big year. Players from other games, like Call of Duty and Battlefield, are making their way to R6 to compete. Other organizations are entering the scene, such as eXcellence Gaming, Astral Authority, and SnK eSports. Tournaments on ESL and Gamebattles are gaining popularity as well, increasing R6's popularity as an eSport. 

The Team Orbit squad is excited for what's coming and are confident in their abilities to perform. Already, the team has placed 2nd or 3rd in every tournament they've played in, so they are ready for what's next. 







Rob Stamey

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