The Return to Men's CS:GO

Wed 9th Mar 2016 - 4:00am Gaming

After saying goodbye to several highly ranked Counter Strike: Global Offensive teams within the past year, Team Orbit decided to wait until now to sign a new male roster. A female CS:GO team has been playing with Orbit for the better part of the past year and will soon be attending Copenhagen Games. 

Joining Orbit is the ex-Epiphany Bolt roster, a Danish-Swedish squad competing in a variety of European CS:GO events. The team will also be playing at Copenhagen Games as their LAN debut under Orbit. 

Jake "Boaster" Howlett

Patrick "es3tag" Hansen

Mads "MOMENTPLZ" Sørensen

Simon "st^" Thulin

Fredrik "Krewmer" Svensson

On the new organization, MOMENTPLZ said, "We are very excited about representing Orbit, as we've always seen them as a professional organization. We appreciate this opportunity and look towards the future."

Orbit owner Patrik Andersson is happy to sign a new European CS:GO team, stating, "We are very excited to get back into CS:GO and to sign this up-and-coming team. We see a bright future for them with Orbit."



Rob Stamey

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