Orbit Sign Female CSGO Roster

Fri 8th Aug 2014 - 1:31pm General

After saying goodbye to the last CSGO roster a little over a week ago, Team Orbit has found themselves a new set of players they hope the fans will rally behind.  Team Orbit has made a name for themselves in the CSGO scene with several high profile players being a part of the organization within the past year. With a growing fan-base in the popular eSport, Orbit plans to continue with supporting CSGO teams.

This team, however, is unique compared to the last. A part of a growing trend, Orbit has picked up an all-female roster. Owner and founder of the organization, Patrik Andersson, says, “We are very excited to have our first female CSGO team. We have been on the lookout for a while now and think we have found a team that will represent us well.”

Women’s teams are not new to eSports, though they are far outnumbered by men’s teams. They have been flying under the radar but are now receiving more recognition. For example, the Electronic Sports World Cup has held female CSGO events the last two years.

“We girls are super excited and we are looking forward to working together with Team Orbit and hope we can evolve and reach really far together,” said Matilda “Rambolina” Gustavsson.



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