Team Orbit NA Call of Duty Roster for Black Ops 3

Mon 2nd Nov 2015 - 4:45pm General

Team Orbit has announced their new North American Call of Duty roster for the start of Black Ops 3. Details of the new Call of Duty World League have not yet been announced, but teams are already forming in preparation. The new roster:






A few familiar faces have returned! Accuracy and Lawless played with Team Orbit for a good chunk of Advanced Warfare and were on the Call of Duty Championship roster. Accuracy returns as team captain after playing with Orbit for the majority of the year and then sitting out for the MLG World Finals at the end of the season. Lawless did not play on a competitive team for the last few months of Advanced Warfare and is starting fresh on a new game. Pacman, a long-time veteran of Call of Duty, previously had a brief stint on Orbit but is now joining with high hopes after a slow season. Whea7s most recently played for Rise Nation, a fellow MLG Pro League team.

The players on this team have played together in the past, so we have confidence that their chemistry will take this roster to new levels on Black Ops 3!  




Rob Stamey

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