Orbit Welcomes Swedish Call of Duty Team

Sat 14th Nov 2015 - 4:34pm General

Just several days after announcing the signing of a UK Call of Duty team, Team Orbit is expanding efforts in the European scene with the signing of top players in the Nordic region. Team Orbit, based out of Sweden, is no newcomer to this region. With a past Call of Duty team and CSGO teams, as well as a current all-female CSGO team and a newly signed Halo squad from Sweden, Team Orbit will remain prominent in this area while expanding efforts around the world. Current teams exist in North America, the UK, and now Sweden. 

The roster features the best players to be found in the Nordic region:

Martin "Burnsy" Brännström
Joacim "Jockzje" Meckenhäuser
Kave "SOLID" Bashiri
Casper "Cappeh" Arvidsson

The team will also be hoping to qualify for the Call of Duty World League. "My primary goal this year is to prove to the world that the Nordic scene is not to be taken lightly. I think the Nordic scene has had strong individual players for a decent while now, but lacking solid teams that really put time and effort into improving. I'm very confident with the roster I'm bringing to Orbit, we have the talent required and we're all dedicated to putting in the time needed in order for us to compete at an international level. Qualifying to the COD World League is the primary goal right now, but we're also going to look to proving ourselves at other international events in the future," said Martin "Burnsy" Brännström.

As always, Team Orbit stands behind these players and their efforts! #OrbitZone




Rob Stamey

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