Check Out the New Orbit Scuf!

Fri 18th Dec 2015 - 4:54pm General

We are proud to announce the new Team Orbit Scuf controller! 

Scuf Gaming is the #1 brand in the custom controller industry. Their innovative features, such as back paddles and trigger stops, have pushed them to become the preferred controller for professional gamers everywhere. Competitive Call of Duty players can attest to the usefulness of the Scuf controller, as 9/10 pros use one! To play like the pros, you need to own a Scuf!

The beautifully designed Team Orbit Scuf controllers make perfect gifts this holiday season. You can buy one for Xbox One or Playstation 4.

The Scuf Infinity1 (Xbox One) comes with a Paddle Control System that allows you to customize the back paddles for shape, height, and the number of paddles you want to use (up to 4). Other customization options are also available. 

The Scuf 4PS (PS4) features Electro-Magnetic Remapping, allowing you to reprogram the back paddles whenever you'd like. 

Look out for these in the hands of our professional console eSports players!





Rob Stamey

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