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  • Gordo

    Patrik Andersson

    Patrik ” Gordo” Andersson is the founding father, CEO, and owner of Team Orbit. Patrik resides in Goteborg, Sweden where he oversee’s all organizational operations. “Gordo” is an avid gamer and true pioneer in Esports. When not handling the daily task within the organization you will find Patrik relaxing with his wife & children....Read More

  • Skoal

    Robbie Mead

    Robbie " Skoal" Meade currently lives in NJ,USA. He currently holds the position as Head Of Call Of Duty.Robbie is currently a college athlete with many accolades to his resume. Skoal has dreams and aspirations of playing in the NFL and is well on his way. Robbie lives his life around two words "Hard Work" , he is the definition of nothing comes easy in life. Skoal brings this same mentality to Team Orbit instilling that attitude in every player, as well as staff. ...Read More

  • Rob

    Rob Stamey

    Rob "Rob" Stamey joined Orbit in early 2015 as General Manager for the organization. Rob has many years of esports experience ranging from marketing manger roles, to executive roles and private investing. Rob currently resides in NC,USA and enjoys any FPS, or good sports game. ...Read More