• Louie

    Orbit Louie

    Louie currently is the lead designer and longest tenure member of the graphic design team. Louie loves pleasing his clients as well as putting out the best quality work for Team Orbit. ...Read More

  • Apex

    Brian Pickens

    Apex is located in Georgia,USA and is currently working on school , he is self taught graphic designer and one of the best in the esports community...Read More

  • Glow

    Mason N

    Mason "Glow" is a 19 year old, self-taught graphic designer from the United States. He is a full-time student studying marketing and spends much of his time designing. He hopes to incorporate graphic design into his future career. ...Read More

  • OrbitPaul

    Paul Evans

    Hello guys! My name is Paul AKA Webby i'm 25 years old and was born in England, Birmingham which is such a lovely place NOT! Hello Im also known as LegendaryPaul within the COD community. I've been in the COD scene since Call Of Duty 3 and I'm very passionate about eSports & eSports Call of Duty I like everything to do with COD & has driven me for many years to help grow it in some way. Here in Orbit I'm Head Of Social Media my goal is to tweet out new news and promote our sponsors via Facebook & Twitter. I will continue to bring in my amazing talent for Team Orbit....Read More

  • Chemistry

    Josh Billy

    Josh "Chemistry" Billy currently lives in Ohio,USA , and holds the position as Head Content Writer for the organization. ...Read More

  • ZeBrain

    Brian Gardner

    Brian “ZeBrain” Gardner holds great historical value at Orbit. Starting as a graphic designer in 2013 and moving his way up through the ranks until his leave of absence in 2015, the 27 year old has a deep and experienced understanding of Team Orbit having held positions such as General Manager and Head Designer. ZeBrain has also held positions in other esports companies such as Cinch Gaming and MES Events as tournament producer, event organizer and Marketing Manager. ZeBrain is currently devoted to being Orbits webmaster and one of our leading streamers and provides awesome CS:GO content amongst other things whilst being a full time programmer!...Read More